Based on the affluence of rivers in Ecuador, rafting has become a popular attraction all over the country. Taking the rapids down river can be an accelerating experience and one that you are going to want to repeat. This activity involves rafting different degrees of rough water and it creates a strong bond of teamwork. The more connected you are with your guide and peers the easier the activity becomes. The only real requirement to enjoy this activity is knowing how to swim, no previous experience is need it. All of our tours have professional guides that will ensure to provide you with the right instruction and equipment.

- All levels

- Our only requirement is knowing how to swim

- Includes transportation, guide, raft, safety equipment, hydratation


Rafting Banos (Class III+IV)

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Quijos River (Class III-IV+)

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Yatunyacu River (Class III+)

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Jondachi River/Hollin (Class IV)

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Misahualli River ( Class IV+)

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White Water Rafting Expeditions

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