Our Mission

foto-581Our mission is to promote a conscious and sustainable form of tourism, engaging with local communities, customs, and traditions. We like to encourage  the preservation of our ecosystem through  the appraisal of nature and experiences in the outdoors. We are aware of the immediate gratification that nature can provide us as well as the importance for its conservation.  Our motive is to have fun in a safe and friendly environment with top professionals who are always prepared for the challenges of the moment. Our diverse and friendly team will provide you with all the tools to make the best of your experience. Our passion is to create the opportunity to find your perfect rush of adrenaline. Come discovered this magic piece of unaltered beauty and let Outerland Expeditions transform your adventure to something you never seen before.


Leave No Trace, Respect Wildlife, Leave What You Find, Avoid Unnecessary Risks, Plan Ahead, Have Fun.

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