The ultimate riding experience! Kitesurfing is a mix of wakeboarding, windsurfing and paragliding put together to create the perfect adrenaline rush. The contact with the water, the sand, and the wind would not make you want to get off your board. Although kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport, it is also very safe and easy to progress with the right guidance.

In Ecuador the best place to learn kitesurfing is in the Southern coast of the country. Santa Marianita is a magical beach in the province of Manabi which possesses the perfect environment to enjoy wind, sun, and waves. At only 20 minutes from Manta, this peaceful beach offers the perfect conditions for all levels. With the advantage of having a long windy season, 4 Km of sandy beach, this is the perfect spot to explore all your senses. The perfect time to hit this spot is from June to November. The usual condition of the wind is South-west sideshore.


Beginner Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course


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