Jatunyacu 2D-1N



Season: All year
Schedule: Start 09:30 | Return second day 16:00
Duration: 02 Days 01 night
Run: 40 Km
River time: 2.3 hours aprox. per day.
Difficulty: Class III
Mínimum age: 8 years
Departure: Programed

The Jatunyacu River is one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River originating from a glacier and springs fed by Cotopaxi Volcano. After a 40 minute drive we arrive at Llanganates National Park where our adventure begins. First we visit a look out over the jungle then we head to the Waysa Yacu river, a series of waterfalls and pools a perfect place to swim and slide down natural slides, after we embark on our rafting trip, down class III full roller coaster waves to our camps pot at Shandia village on the riverside.
On the next day we will check out the village learn about some medicinal plants fruit, and some local traditions before continuum down river to Misahualli a canoe port, which has been taken over by a band of capuchin monkeys!

Combine two of our most popular trips.

Day 1: We will leave early from Quito toward Tena. We will start our adeventure by visiting the Wayusa Yacu Lagoons. Then fart the Jatunyacu river to Shandia where we set up camp.

Day 2: Visit the village of Shandia and learn about local plants and traditions. Continue down the Jatunyacu to Misahualli where you can visit the resident monkeys. In the Afternoon , we will head back to Quito.

Price: from $190 (min 4 people)


  • Transport  from Quito -Tena-Quito
  • Meals and drinks (2Breakfast-2Lunches-2Dinners)
  • Tents , sleeping bag
  • First Aid kit
  • SPOT- Satellite communication in case of emergency
  • Waterproof Jacket  and neccesay equipment (Helmet- paddle-life vest)
  •  Professional Bilingual Guide
  • Safety Kayak

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