Cuyabeno 7N 8D (Canoeing)



 This tour is designed for the canoeist, nature passionate and wildlife observer. During the first two days, the tour route is the same as on our regular 5 day tour but then continuous into a much more isolated area downstream on the Cuyabeno River. During the first 4 days of the tour all equipment has to be carried in the paddling canoes. During these days, camps will be set aside the river shore where you stay in tents. These tours are accompanied by the best and knowledgeable guides of the reserve. The Cuyabeno River provides sufficient water levels forcanoeing during the entire year. Out of this reason we are able to offer this tour all year around without restrictions in the dryer seasons. Nevertheless, the paddling time may vary from 4 to 5 days according to water levels and the participants’ paddling rhythm.
Day 1-4:  Paddling on the Cuyabeno River

Transport from Lago Agrio to the Cuyabeno park en trance. During the next 4-5 days we will paddle the Cuyabeno River downstream. Paddling hours will be around 6 hours per day. In the evening there will be time for swimming and relaxing. On the fourth day in the evening we will reach a rustic hut that belongs to the Kichwa community of Playas de Cuyabeno. The hut provides double rooms and shared bathrooms. On day 3 we will visit the Siona community of Puerto Victoriano where we elaborate “casaba”, some typical bread made out of manioc roots.

Day 5: Jungle hikes

In this area we have the opportunity to undertake hikes on small jungle paths through primary forests. We finish the day with a night walk, in search of nocturnal creatures. We will stay overnight in the same rustic hut as the previous night.

Day 6: Paddling on the Cuyabeno River until the Aguarico River

Early morning bird watching and later on in the morning we continue our journey, paddling the Cuyabeno River until its mouth into the much bigger Aguarico River (3-4 hours). In their junction there should be a good possibility to observe river dolphins. We have lunch and later visit the modern indigenous community of Playas de Cuyabeno. In the afternoon, our motor canoe will bring us back upriver to our hut.

Day 7: Motor canoe transfer to the Magic River Lodge

After breakfast we travel in motor canoe the Cuyabeno River upstream until we reach the Magic River Lodge (4 hours). On the way we may have the possibility to visit the shaman of a nearby village, learn about medicinal plants and healing practices. In the afternoon there will be time to visit the flooded forest of Laguna Grande and enjoy the sunset over the lake.

Day 8: Paddling in the Laguna Grande Lake District

We will paddle through the flooded forest (Igapó) of the Laguna Grande Lake and observe Macrolobium trees and their various epiphytes. We explore different smaller lagoons of the interconnected network of lakes and creeks. After lunch in our lodge, we return by motor canoe back to the park entrance. From here we reach Lago Agrio within 2 hours travel by private transport. Arrival in Lago Agrio is approximately at 6:00 pm. 

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