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4 day programme


Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is situated in the north-eastern Amazon Region of Ecuador, between the San Miguel and Aguarico River, and close to the Colombian and Peruvian borders. The reserve is made up of 605,000 hectares of primary forest, rivers and lagoons, and is home to an incredible variety of animal and plant life. Five different ethnic groups live within the reserve: the Siona, Secoya, Cofán, Quichua and Shuar, and each group maintain their own culture and language.

This journey is for those who have a passion for nature and wildlife. You will discover this wild and fascinating world in the most natural and rewarding way, in canoe and on foot. We should be able to see parrots, toucans, monkeys, freshwater dolphins, anacondas and caimans. 

Day  1
We start the tour in Lago Agrio at 10.00 a.m., and travel to the Cuyabeno River bridge (the Park entrance) in private transport (3 hours). From the bridge we paddle by canoe down the Cuyabeno River, to “The Tiger Pass” campsite, a beautiful spot surrounded by lush forest (3 hours). Along our journey we will see the wide range of flora and fauna that live within the primary forest. We finish the day with a night walk, in search of nocturnal creatures. We will spend the night camping out in tents.

Day 2
We will continue paddling downstream (3-4 hours) until the entrance to the Laguna Grande Lake and have a short transfer by motor canoe to the Magic River Lodge located at the Cuyabeno River. The facility includes rustic jungle huts providing double rooms with beds, private bathroom and showers. In the afternoon we will explore the flooded forest of the Laguna Grande Lake by paddling canoe, take a refreshing dip in the lake, and watch the sunset.

Day  3
In the morning we undertake a longer walk on a small path through primary forest (3 hours). Our guide will explain the uses and applications of plants, those of which are medicinal, edible, poisonous, hallucinogenic, and those that are used to build houses, canoes, hammocks, and baskets. After the hike we will head back to the camp for lunch. In the evening we travel by motorized dugout canoe downstream the Cuyabeno River and have a shorter hike for about 1 hour until we reach Tarapuy, an indigenous community of the Siona. Here, we get some insight into Siona culture and their today’s life. In a house of one family we will take part in the process of elaborating the typical bread made of manioc roots. We return in motor canoe to our lodge. After dark we will take a night excursion in search of caimans.

Day  4
Before sunrise we head out in the canoes, paddling along the Cuyabeno River to spot birds. We return to the camp for breakfast. During the morning we take the trip back in the motor canoe. Again there are chances of spotting wildlife on our way to the Cuyabeno River Bridge. Our private transport will be waiting to take us back to Lago Agrio, where we arrive at 3:00 pm.


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