Cayambe Summit (5790 m)


Cayambe Summit- 5790 m (1N-2D)

Cayambe Volcano  is located in Pichincha province some 70 km northeast of Quito.Its part of the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve. It is the Third highest mountain in Ecuador with 4,690 m (15,387 ft). The south Slope is the higest point in the world crossed by the Equator line and the only point on the Equator with snow cover.

For indigenous people, Cayambe means fountain of life.

Cayambe, which has a permanent snow cap, is a Holocene compound volcano which last erupted in March 1786.

Cayambe was first climbed by British adventurer Edward Whymper and his two Italian guides and companions Juan Antonio and Luis Carrel in 1880, and it is a favourite of mountain climbers today.

This is the third highest volcano in Ecuador, it is less popular for tourists but has stunning landscapes.Reaching the top may be very technical, and requires knowledge and mountaineering experience, there are numerous small crevasses that will test the technical ability of the climber but not impossible to overcome.
Day1: From Quito to Cayambe town .Reach the Ruales-Oleas-Berge Refuge where we will spend the night. In the afternoon, we will do some practices in the closer glaciers. We will have a basic climbing glacier course.

Day2: Wake up at midnight and summit the volcano in around 6 hours. Eat lunch and return to Quito.

Price Ranges: from  $220 to $380


  • 2L-1D
  • Accommodation at Refuge
  • Snacks and Hydration
  • Private Transportation
  • Profesional Mountain Guide (1 Guide for 2 people)
  • Basic Climbing Glacier Course
  • Technical equipment: crampons, ice ax, harness, rope, stake.


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