IMG_1194Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other. Biking in Ecuador is considered one of the main activities to do in the country and one of the most enjoyable for visitors. Because our territory still remains untouched, its filled with single tracks and off road routes making the country a two wheel paradise. In the morning you could be climbing into the paramo appreciating the avenue of volcanoes and in the afternoon overpassing across the cloud forest; with our location and great biodiversity you can enjoy different climates within the same day allowing you to experience more wildlife. This is a challenging and fun way to experience Ecuador.

Ecoruta to Mindo (1night – 2 Days)

Cotopaxi (1Day)

Quito-Papallacta (1Day)

Otavalo  (1 Day)

Pichincha – Lloa (1Night – 2 Days)

Pululahua volcano (1Day)



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